Aon Student Insurance

ICS Complete for non-students covers your health, travel and stay

ICS Complete is an insurance package for international students. This excellent package covers your health, travel and stay. You need ICS Complete if you do not have your own health insurance.


You only pay for the period of insurance. Not a day more. So what happens when you go home earlier than expected? Then the money you have paid for the time that you will not be staying abroad is refunded to your bank account.

You are well insured

  • Medical costs - this includes urgent dental help
  • Repatriation, extra costs and 24/7 emergency assistance helpline
  • Liability
  • Home contents and baggage
  • Accidents
  • Legal aid

Who can apply for ICS Complete?

  • International students;
  • Spouses and children of students who are insured with Aon;
  • Teachers and researchers.

When do you need ICS Complete?

You need ICS Complete when:

  • you do not have your own health insurance,
  • you have to apply for a visa for the country where you are going to stay, and you need insurance to get that visa.

With ICS Complete you can apply for a visa in the Schengen Area and many other countries.

What is covered by this insurance?

Medical costs

ICS Complete insures you when you stay abroad, and during a work placement as part of your international stay. You are also covered during travel and holidays in other countries.

With ICS Complete you are insured for the costs of hospital admission and operations, general practitioners, dentists, specialist care, physiotherapy, acupuncture, medication, psychotherapy and ambulances. There are no unexpected deductibles that you have to pay out of your own pocket.

If you need medical assistance abroad, you want things to be arranged, practically and financially. ICS Complete is a compliant insurance that covers your medical costs worldwide. The health insurance of ICS Complete is also partly valid in your home country. During holidays ICS Complete covers your medical costs in your home country for up to 8 weeks.

Some exclusions

There are some things we cannot cover. The most important are:

  • existing medical conditions or disorders
  • pregnancy costs


The liability insurance of ICS Complete covers the financial outcomes of accidents you cause. No matter how careful you are, it is possible that you accidentally hurt somebody or damage someone's property. For example, you bump into a woman by accident - she falls, breaks a rib and cannot work for a while.

Repatriation, Extra costs and 24/7 Emergency assistance helpline

Imagine that something serious happens to one of your parents when you are abroad. You need to go back home. In that case, ICS Complete covers extra costs such as the price of your airline ticket.

Say you get seriously ill in the country where you stay. In that case, your family members may want to come to you. ICS Complete refunds the costs of their airline ticket.

You can contact the emergency assistance helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Emergencies include urgent evacuation or repatriation under medical supervision. In case you pass away, ICS Complete also covers repatriation of your remains.

The staff members at the emergency assistance helpline speak several languages. They include English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Home contents and baggage

The ICS Complete home contents insurance covers damage to your property in your place of residence in the country where you stay. Just picture this. There has been a fire in your apartment and your possessions are badly damaged.

The baggage insurance of ICS Complete covers loss, damage and theft - during the trip to and from your destination country, and during recreational travel.


The ICS Complete accident insurance offers ample compensation in case of death or permanent disability that result from an accident. We all have accidents. Usually it is not serious, but imagine that you have been in a car crash and you become disabled. Then you want to be well insured.

Legal aid

You can get help from lawyers and other specialists with the legal aid insurance of ICS Complete. So there are professional people to help you when you need assistance or advice. Suppose you have a disagreement with your landlord. It is about the sewers. The landlord refuses to repair the sewers.

Service and product information

All the details about this insurance and our service can be found in the Policy conditions, Summary of cover and Service information.

4 reasons for choosing Aon Student Insurance

Over 150000 students have already chosen our student insurance.

Aon has more than 25 years of experience in student insurance.

You can use your insurance certificate to apply for visa in many countries.

24/7 emergency assistance helpline.