Digital claim submitting by e-mail

Scan the fully completed claim form and the original invoices and send them to Please scan your claim in this order:

  • 1. Claim form
  • 2. Invoices

Claim submitting by mail

If you do not have the ability to scan, send a hard copy of your fully completed claim form with the original invoices by post. Send the claim form and original documentation to:

International People Mobility
Postbus 1005
3000 BA Rotterdam

Aon processes your claim within five working days. This could take slightly longer during busy periods. You will be notified in writing about the settlement of your claim. The money is deposited into your bank account within ten working days after processing your claim.

Important: you need to preserve the original receipts for one year after submission of the claim.

Instructions specific to each type of insurance

Medical costs

Your doctor or a hospital can submit an invoice on your behalf directly to Aon. You need not pay anything; Aon will settle the account directly.

You need to pay other medical costs first. You can fill out a claim form and submit it with the original invoices. You can send your claim in the previously described ways.

Costs relating to psychotherapy or long-term physiotherapy need to be accompanied by a justification and a treatment plan from your doctor.


Complete the general claim form and send it to Aon as soon as possible.

Legal Aid

In the case of a legal claim you must notify Aon as soon as possible.

Household Contents and Luggage

Complete the general claim form and send it to Aon as soon as possible. Mark the question 'type of insurance' as Household Contents and Luggage. Please attach the following to the completed claim form: The invoice, guarantee and/or a photo to indicate the item, the value and age of the item.

In the case of loss, theft, vandalism, burglary, extortion and robbery you need to report this to the police within 3 days (72 hours). The police report number must accompany your claim.


In the case of death or permanent disability Aon must be notified as soon as possible of the accident, normally by a relative.

Emergency Assistance

For emergency assistance please contact Aon Assistance. They will organize the necessary hospital admittance, evacuation, repatriation or return trip on your behalf.

+31 (0)10 448 8260

Emergency Assistance in the USA

For emergency assistance in the USA contact GMMI (24/7), prior to each visit to a medical provider:

+1 800 682 6065 (free within the US).