ICS Complete

ICS Complete is an insurance package specially developed for international students and educational institutions. Aon acts as an independent adviser and is not the insurance company. ICS Complete covers medical expenses, accident insurance, emergency assistance and extra expenses, liability insurance, legal assistance insurance and insurance of personal possessions. Our package also has the following five advantages:

Arrangements with care providers

Aon can set up relations directly with care providers. These care providers including family doctors, dentists, hospitals and physiotherapists treat the international students of your educational institution. They will send a specified invoice of their expenses directly to Aon without the student having to pay anything first and having to claim it back afterwards.

Handling claims

As the financial budget of most students is very limited, it is even more important that the administrative handling is done quickly and professionally. Aon handles claims independently within 5 working days.

Finally, as a result of our direct relations with educational institutions and students, our claims handling is flexible, taking into account the special medical needs of students taking dance courses, for example.


For the ICS Complete, Aon calculates a premium per day. As a result, the educational institution or the student only pay for the exact period that the insurance is actually in force. We do not charge any further surcharges such as policy costs and neither do we charge a minimum premium.

Students pay € 1,31 per day / € 39,30 per month (including insurance tax)

Non- students pay € 1,99 per day / € 59,70 per month (including insurance tax)

Online system

Aon has an online administration program for ICS Complete. As an educational institution you can easily register, edit, extend or end the insurance policies for your students yourself. In addition, you always have a good, up-to-date overview of the insurance policies in place. Doing the administration with this online system will save time allowing you to focus on other aspects of internationalisation.

The online system offers:

  • An overview of your current certificates.
  • A detailed overview per certificate.
  • The option of correcting, extending or ending existing certificates.
  • The option of applying for new certificates.
  • The option of printing out certificates and overviews of certificates.

If you think that the online administration program would suit your needs, please contact our account manager Arti Pancham. We would like to discuss the advantages of a collective contract for all your international students using this online administration system with you in person.

Dedicated account management

Every educational institution that offers ICS Complete to its international students, is allocated a dedicated account manager. The account manager thinks along with you about solutions for problems.