Basic Healthcare Insurance

In The Netherlands foreign students have to have insurance covering medical expenses. In fact it's compulsory for getting a residence permit. The Dutch authorities oblige some foreign students to have a Basic Healthcare Insurance (Dutch National Health Insurance).

As a foreign student, Basic Healthcare Insurance is generally NOT compulsory if you are:

  • .. Younger than 30 years old and you are not employed (you don't pay tax) in The Netherlands.
  • .. Older than 30 and stay in The Netherlands for less than 3 years.

The following document will help you to determine whether you are required to apply for the Basic Healthcare Insurance or not during your stay in The Netherlands.

If you are required by Dutch law to obtain the Basic Healthcare Insurance for your primary medical expenses, Aon can offer the Basic Healthcare Insurance at a competitive rate (group discount of 6% for international students). The premium per month will be EUR 103,72. The Basic Healthcare Insurance has a compulsory annual deductible of EURO 220,-. (for insured with age 18 and upwards)

Please note that the Basic Healthcare Insurance does not offer sufficient cover during your stay in The Netherlands. For example, whilst there is limited cover for medical expenses; there is no insurance cover at all for example liability, household contents and luggage, accident, legal aid and extraordinary costs. Therefore we advice you to purchase the ICS Start+ or ICS Start in addition to your Basic Healthcare Insurance.

Application form

The Basic Healthcare Insurance cannot be requested online. To apply for the Basic Healthcare Insurance you will need to complete the application form and send it to Aon:

Postbus 1005
3000 BA Rotterdam

Or scan your completed and signed application form as well as the additional documents, and send these to


A Coverage overview Basic Healthcare Insurance 2012 (insured amounts) for the Basic Healthcare insurance can be found in the document below.

Policy conditions

The text of this website has been composed with utmost care. However, the mutual rights and obligations are determined in all cases by the policy conditions.

Changing from ICS Complete to Basic Healthcare Insurance

Do you have ICS Complete at this moment? And do you have to take out Basic Healthcare Insurance instead? Please end your ICS Complete package when you have applied for the Basic Healthcare Insurance.

In addition to the Basic Healthcare insurance, we advise you to take out Aon's ICS Start or ICS Start+ Package.

No longer obliged to have Basic Healthcare Insurance?

Please send us an e-mail and ask us to end your Basic Healthcare insurance. You can apply for an ICS Complete instead.