Check the right to insurance

As a care provider you can contact Aon to check whether students really are insured with Aon.
You will need the certificate number to do so.

All students with ICS Complete insurance receive the ICS Card. It states the certificate number. Ask for it for your administration.


You can submit international students' bills for medical expenses directly to Aon. The following procedure applies for this:

  • You send the original bill to Aon.
  • The bill states your address, bank details and full details of the insured student.
  • It is important that the full name, date of birth and certificate number of the insurant are stated on the bill.
  • It is possible to submit a collective bill.


Costs of treatment

The costs of your treatment for an ICS Complete insured student are covered, as long as there is a medical necessity for the treatment. Furthermore, the complaint may not have already existed before the ICS Complete insurance was taken out.

In case of doubt, please contact our claims department via

Registration fees

Registration fees are not reimbursed for students insured with ICS Complete. In that case you charge the transient tariff.